Tacos have UX too

UX UI / Designer / Consultant

13+ years experience in design, user experience, front-end development, product development, and client / project management. I've experienced two software accelerators including Techstars.

My focus is UX, mobile design (iOS / Android), responsive web, and application interface. I dislike food with bad UI, toasters with bad UX, and over complicated design.

I'm also a skier, traveler, musician, yogi, amateur chef, foodie, and creative problem solver.

"Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value." ~Albert Einstein

UX/UI Design

Don't you just love a great interface, beautiful design, and intuitive workflow? Think 1960's guitar amplifiers with gorgeous clearly labeled dials switches.

Simplicity. Start and end with simplicity. UX and UI lies everywhere from software to tacos. And you certainly don't want a taco with bad UX.

Tech / Frontend

Solid - HTML5 / CSS3 / Bootstrap / Git

Comfortable - JS (jQuery) / Angular / Rails

WordPress / Expert

WordPress expert... Maybe it's not always the best solution, but I'm a fan of how far one can push the edge of an open source piece of software. It's diversity is impressive with the ability to construct directories, E-Commerce, and general websites quickly and efficiently. Giving the client control of their own website has never been simpler.

Happy Clients.